Ankle Strapping


Ankle Strapping

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1. Put on the brace. The heel section of the brace needs to fit snugly around the heel.

2. Pull your foot towards you, such that the foot is positioned at a 90 degree angle. Then tighten and fasten the top portion of the brace.

3. Take the broad elastic strap and wrap it around the back of the lower leg to the front, diagonally across the instep; then pass it underneath the foot and along the outside of the foot towards the inside of the ankle.

You effectively create a figure 8. Fasten the strap with the hook and loop material.



The DB Supplies Sports Ankle Brace 8 offers support in the event of slight or virtually restored ankle sprains. The ultra thin ankle brace stabilises the ankle using a strap wrapped around the ankle in the shape of an 8, and which offers firm and comfortable compression

Quick, comfortable ankle support

  • Compression for the ankle joint
  • Useful to support mild ankle sprains
  • Easy to fit
  • Follows a figure of 8 similar to taping