Strenght & Conditioning

At the clinic we use STAR GEOGHEGANS RIP Tool speed boards for our strength & conditioning classes


Star has developed the Rip tool (Recovery Injury Prevention) Speed Board to train the muscular and nervous system. If the central nervous system is fatigued, the strength and functionality of muscle groups will be negatively affected, and performance levels decrease.

The nervous system holds the key to your body’s power, balance, muscle movement and most of your sporting and working achievements. If the battery that fires the muscles is drained, you lose control, function and strength in movement, in all sport activity. This leads to bad habits/techniques being formed which leads to poor performance and injury.

Our resident strength & conditioning and RIP Tool coach DARREN BROWNE spent years learning the unique benefits of the RIP Tool speed boards under the watchful eye of founder of the RIP Tool company and one of the world leaders in injury and injury prevention Anthony ‘star’ Geoghegan, and has travelled around the world training some of the world’s top athletes in USA,JAMAICA, BRASIL, HOLLAND , UK , ZAMBIA, and has worked at 2016 RIO Olympics and the 2017 world athletics championship in London helping athletes keep in shape at these events.

Classes at clinic can be ono on one or in small groups so that everyone gets the attention they need & deserve, services at the clinic are :

  1. Strength & conditioning
  2. Circuit training
  3. Personal training
  4. Small groups
  5. Pilates
  6. Individual assessments